Civic Audio is an experimental podcast network and audio production service, exploring possibilities for a better world through sound & music.

Our mission is to produce and curate impactful audio to promote human flourishing, civic engagement, and sustainability. We seek to explore how podcasting, music production, field-recording and sound art can help us address problems in the world, and we want to amplify other work in these practices that shows us what’s possible.

We are passionate about what sonic media can do for us: enhance consciousness and wellbeing; nurture curiosity, empathy and compassion; encourage learning, critical thinking and civic participation; and spark creativity and the imagination. We want to inspire people to develop their potential and join with others to improve the world together, and we aim to do so through the power of sound and music.

current channels available (and searchable on all the usual podcast apps) 

Bibliophonia . The CivicAudio Podcast . Leicester Sound Society

OpenPlaceMusic . The Camden Carers Podcast

Do you have an organisation or project you’re considering doing a podcast for? Would you like to commission an audio art work for your organisation or compaign? Just want to say hello and ask a question?

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sonic media for human potential